My partner and I have a 22-year age difference and we couldn’t be happier

These are queries my husband and I have grappled with over the years, especially when just beginning out with each other.

Our connection proves that moralizing about consensual adults with large age distinctions is nonsense.

Chris was the supervisor of a pop group that my pals and I used to go see when Manchester’s popular music was flourishing in the 1990s.

I’d always been attracted to his crazy character, notwithstanding the his obviously older years, and we started dating after having met at a concert in 2002.

I was 24 years old and had lately finished college. While you might expect such an age difference to be met with drama or dismissive remarks, our family and friends were appreciative from the beginning.

They saw that we were satisfied together and mature enough to make such decisions.

Our relationship grew fast. We moved to the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland briefly after we began dating and started working in a ski area for a year.

We worked there then shifted to another job. and we are so happy to have each other.

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